Status Updates please: ASAP

Hey folks,

we're about to need to send Stormy Peters our GNOME-A11y status updates,
which includes all the a11y projects related to GNOME-A11y.  Stormy
publishes a quarterly report on the state of GNOME Foundation and the
quarter ends ....  today!  :-)  July-August-September.

For those of you who are not attending the hackfest next week,please
send your updates.   For those of you going to the hackfest, expect me
to be a pain nagging you for reports.  :-)

During the hackfest week, I'd like us to figure out a way to make this
easier for all of us so we're not always trying to pull things together
every three months.  With so many projects going on under a11y, it can
be a challenge to keep up with this task and it is *important* we do
this.  GNOME Foundation values our work and we need to keep the
Foundation updated on what we're doing.

Many thanks!

Bryen M Yunashko
GNOME-A11y Outreach

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