Re: Travel Tips for Going to Spain

On 24 September 2010 17:58, Bryen M. Yunashko <suserocks bryen com> wrote:
> A couple of travel tips that some of you should be aware of if traveling
> aborad to Spain for the GNOME-A11y hackfest.

Nice one Bryen

> Getting Cash:
> Obviously, first bit of cash you need is your cab fare from the airport.
> Most people tend bring cash with them and change it at a currency
> exchange in the airport.   This is actually expensive!   The best thing
> to do is leave your cash home and go straight to an ATM machine.
> Withdraw cash like you do back home.  You usually won't pay any currency
> exchange fees.  Just the cost of withdrawing from one bank to another.
> (Which is much cheaper!)

I usually get some cash at home as there are places you can get great
rates (e.g Post Office or M&S in UK). Note I'm not sure, but getting
cash with a credit card is possible through an ATM but I believe you
will incur large charges over and above the xchange rate.

> I can never get used to the fact that outside of the United States,
> tipping is not required or expected.   I still end up tipping out of
> some American guilt.  :-)   So, you don't HAVE to tip, but if you do,
> generally just round up to the nearest euro dollar seems to be the way

Certainly true in UK. Generally I only tip here if service is
exceptional. As a result service is often grumpier than in US. I also
got the impression in Brussels that tipping is expected there ;-)

I hope everyone has a great event and look forward to the reports.


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