Accessibility track in FOSDEM?

Hi all,

Last week, while attending the GNOME a11y hackfest in Seville (Spain),
Bryen (in CC) told us there could be a possibility of having a a11y
specific track in FOSDEM, in case a minimum of 3 a11y-related talks
where proposed and accepted.

>From my side, I'll try to come up with a proposal before Friday somehow
around "a11y in WebKitGtk+", and I already have bothered Alejandro
Piñeiro, who agreed to prepare some other around Cally and a11y in GNOME
Shell. That would fit pretty well with the incoming release of GNOME 3
in mind, and why working in a11y is important from that POV.

Hence that means we'd already be at 2/3 talks to be proposed, just one
proposal left ahead from, in case they all got accepted, creating such
an accessibility track in FOSDEM.

So this is basically a "meta call for papers": if anyone is interested
in sending an a11y related proposal for FOSDEM please let us know in
this thread and prepare it before October 16th (deadline for main
tracks). If we were able to achive the "3 accepted talks" that would be


PS: Sorry for coming up with this stuff so late, but I couldn't do it
before due to many different reasons. Please accept my apologies 

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