Re: Unity Update

Piñeiro wrote:
> From: Alan Coopersmith <alan coopersmith oracle com>
>> Michael Meeks wrote:
>>> Hi Alan,
>>> On Thu, 2010-11-18 at 07:23 -0800, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
>>>> How about "Are there any a11y implications in the plan to move
>>>> Unity from X11 to Wayland?"   (I really have no idea if Wayland
>>>> provides any of the underlying infrastructure needed or not.)
>>> 	The move to wayland will not be too sudden I suspect ;-) the people
>>> working on it say it is not ready yet. Also - I don't really see Unity
>>> causing much grief for the atk/at-spi2 side of a11y (FWIW) - though yje
>>> WM piece will need love.
>> Oh, I'm sure it will take time, but early in the process is the best
>> time to make sure a11y requirements are baked in, before people have
>> developed too many dependencies on things you may have to change to
>> better accommodate it in the design.
>> Having been involved in some of the work to try to bolt on additional a11y
>> infrastructure to the X server in the early GNOME 2.0 timeframe, I know it's
>> not easy to add when you didn't design for it upfront.
>> For instance, some things to think about:
>>  - It would be nice if the default Wayland compositor could handle all the
>>    screen magnification, contrast adjustment, color inversion, etc.
>>    requirements instead of having to have a separate a11y compositor - what
>>    are the list of absolute requirements and nice-to-have bonus features and
>>    what does Wayland need to provide for those?
> I know that probably this comment is doesn't 100% suits in this Unity
> thread, but as you are talking about the GNOME 2.0 timeframe, I think
> that it is worth to mention that for GNOME 3.0 time frame, it is
> supposed that the magnification will be a feature instead of a
> separate a11y tool. But a feature of GNOME-shell [1]

Good, sounds like what I was saying about having a11y features in the normal
compositor instead of a a11y-only one like gnome-magnifier.   But for it,
that still leaves the questions of:
  1) Is gnome-shell ever going to port to Wayland or only support X11?
  2) Does Wayland provide everything gnome-shell needs to provide those

Wayland changes the way compositors integrate with the window system,
so work would probably be needed to make gnome-shell work well with it.

	-Alan Coopersmith-        alan coopersmith oracle com
	 Oracle Solaris Platform Engineering: X Window System

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