Re: a brief Caribou update

On 4 March 2010 19:37, Ben Konrath <ben bagu org> wrote:
> I am no longer working at the University of Toronto.
> There is a chance that the ATRC will find an alternate source of
> funding for my position but I don't know when that will come through
> so I've begun searching for a new employment opportunity.

oh boy, it's catching :-(

> My plan right now is to continue to be involved with Caribou's
> development as my time allows but I will not be pushing for Caribou to
> be included with GNOME 3.0. My current goals are to add features that
> will make Caribou easier to use as a stand alone app so that the code
> that has already been developed can be useful to people. The GNOME
> Foundation is sponsoring most of my travel costs for CSUN this year
> and I plan to use all of my time at the hackfest working on Caribou.

That's a good plan, especially if the Project:Possibility student code
adds wanted features.
 I'll spend as much time as possible hacking on it at CSUN and I think
Eitan had similar ideas.


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