Re: [Usability] Announce - GNOME 3 Usability Hackfest (London, Feb 22-26, 2010)

Brian, Mahendra

2010/1/22 Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron sun com>:

>> Perhaps the delegate list would reveal that? I'll check if any of the
>> projects that OSS Watch have advised on open development might
>> possibly be interested in both events.
> That would be appreciated.  If there are particular people who would
> be good candidates for joining the GNOME event, then it would be good
> to invite them.  The GNOME Usability hackfest is a small event, however,
> so we probably do not have room to invite more than a few people.  So,
> if people are invited, they should probably be those people with a
> particular interest in GNOME, or experience with free desktop usability.

The data we currently have in the OSS Watch project registry (Simal -
throws up one that appears to be current when searching for 'usability'
However it's not obvious they would be interested as it is a review
and it seems to be RIA specific

> I think we should plan on it then.  Just let us know who will be the
> representative from the Dev8D community who can join and we can have
> further discussions to firm up plans.

Mahendra that seems like one for you to look at

> It is good to highlight these sorts of things, so that those people
> who are attending and have a particular interest in this area can
> consider joining these events.  Which day will these Wookie related
> events happen?

Mahendra are these time tabled yet?

Steve Lee

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