I NEED YOUR HELP: Q4 GNOME Quarterly Report

Hey All:

Please send me your highlights for Oct 1 thru Dec 31 of 2009 for the
GNOME Q4 Quarterly report. I need them by the end of this week so I
can get them in for Monday.

Here's what I can think of so far...

* The GNOME Accessibility Project began having weekly IRC meetings
  to go over GNOME 3.0 accessibility plans and status:
* Ben Konrath made progress with Caribou for GNOME 3.0:
* Joseph Scheuhammer made progress with the GNOME Shell Magnifier
  for GNOME 2.30: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=595507
* Gerd Kohlberger is working on migrating the MouseTweaks applet
  to work with the new GDM panel for GNOME 2.30.
* Brian Cameron debugged and improved the accessibility support for
  the new GDM login screen.
* Mark Doffman, Mike Gorse, Li Yuan, Brad Taylor, and Willie Walker
  continued to make progress with AT-SPI/D-Bus - distributions are
  shipping it with their 2.29.x previews and providing valuable
  feedback on areas for improvement.
* Willie Walker gave a talk on GNOME and GNOME a11y at RPI.
* Willie Walker gave a talk on GNOME a11y at the Open Source Accessibility
  Forum: http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Open+Source+Accessibility
* Eitan Isaacson is busy organizing the GNOME A11y Hackfest for CSUN.
* Joanmarie Diggs worked feverishly on WebKitGTK+ A11y for GNOME 2.30.
* Willie Walker, Jon McCann, Ray Strode, and Brad Taylor made progress
  on redesigning the accessibility preferences UI for GNOME 3.0:
* Arky (Rakesh Ambati) began working on "Mallardizing" Orca and
  GNOME a11y documentation.
* Luke Yelavich and others continued work on SpeechDispatcher as a
  replacement for gnome-speech.
* Willie Walker and others worked with Chris Hofstader and Richard
  Stallman on drafts for a proposed GNU Accessibility Statement.

Please help me fill in things I missed.  Many apologies if I missed something
you did -- it's not on purpose.


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