Re: An Open Letter to Oracle on the Topic Of Accessibility

On 22 February 2010 05:27, Jason White <jason jasonjgw net> wrote:
> I actually think Gnome accessibility efforts are remarkably successful, given
> the limited resources available and the nature of the problems that need to be
> solved.


> If user
> interfaces, including the free software/open-source community, are headed
> toward an era in which a descendant of what we today call a "Web browser"
> becomes the desktop, then what would make most sense is a Javascript-based
> "assistive technology" (for want of a better term, that can process
> user interfaces built on Web technologies, and which is fully integrated into
> the extensible browsing environment.

I think this is worth closely watching. W3C widgets may also play an
important role. It gives us a chance to ensure accessibility is built
into the next incumbent platform and 'the apps' that run on it. One
thing I recently realised we''ll need is more flexible/extensible

Steve Lee

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