Vetruvian icon on a locked screen

With the vetruvian man icon being available by default during GDM, GNOME has made a userfrendly progress allowing pointer only users to login into the GNOME desktop.

A way to get users started when they have entered the GNOME desktop has also already been discussed. However, from the perspective of the pointer only user, there is at least one additional topic that has to be taken into account: how should he start the onscreen keyboard when the desktop gets locked after a period of inactivity. My first idea would be to add the vetruvian man icon, that is already available in GDM, also to the locked screen. Among the things that have to be determined are:
- What are the applications that are shipped with GNOME that can lock the screen? (One of these applications is probably the screensaver.)

- I can imagine that some assistive tools (maybe the screen reader for example) remain active, even if the screen gets locked. Consequently, one might argue that the vetruvian man icon with its corresponding dialog to enable the assistive tools might be overkill for a locked screen. One the other hand however, one could also argue that using the same dialog as the dialog used during GDM would not only reduce code redundancy, but would also give a constant user interface to enable accessibility in GDM and on a locked screen. Or could there be any reason for not offering the full choice of assistive tools to the user during a locked screen?

Thanks in advance for any help getting this problem solved for GNOME 2.30 + 1. (As it is probably to late to solve it for GNOME 2.30.)

Cheers, Francesco.

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