Re: GNOME 2.30: go stable or go cutting edge?

Halim Sahin <halim sahin freenet de> wrote:
> I think both versions of at-spi should be included in gnome-2.30,
> because at-spi2 need a lot of testing and not all users  want to build
> it from source.

Or if this isn't feasible, we should at least encourage operating system
distributions to create test packages.

Debian, for instance, already has some, but they need to be updated.
> BTW.: Do we have a big improovement  of a11y in gnome 2.30 compared to
> gnome 2.28?
> If not, we should make at-spi2 as default for gnome 2.30.
> It's important to have many users to find all critical bugs before gnome
> 3 arives.

I can just imagine the complaints on the Orca list and elsewhere if that were
done from those who wanted a stable system but upgraded, found themselves
running AT-SPI2 inadvertently, and discovered that it didn't work reliably for
> The (endusers) should be able to install and use corba based at-spi as
> well if they don't want 
> to test and report at-spi2 bugs.

If both can be included, I would keep the existing code as the default for
Gnome 2.30, with a configuration option to switch to AT-SPI2.

I would like to see packages for the new infrastructure as soon as
practicable from distributors.

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