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> From: "Finn Arne Jorgensen, H-SCI-MED-TECH" <smtedit MAIL H-NET MSU EDU>
> Date: 03 Dec 2010 3:24:19 EST
> Subject: AHA 2012: Assistive technologies
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> Subject: AHA 2012: Assistive technologies
> From:    "Sufian, Sandra" <sufians uic edu>
> Date:    Fri, December 3, 2010 3:37 pm
> To promote the AHA Program Committee's theme of Communities and Networks
> f0r the AHA Annual Meeting 2012, the Task Force on Disability of the AHA
> invites panels, papers, demos and other non-traditional participation on
> issues of assistive technologies and their relation to scholarship.  Topics
> could include electronic accessibility, communication technologies for
> scholars with disabilities, assistive archive technologies, problems with
> existing online formats for historians with disabilities, and other new
> media that relate to the field of assistive technology in general.
> Please submit all ideas and papers to Debbie Doyle, ddoyle historians org 
> Sandy Sufian, PhD, MPH
> Assistant Professor of Medical Humanities and History
> Department of Medical Education, MC 591
> University of Illinois, Chicago School of Medicine
> 808 S. Wood Street, 9th Floor
> Chicago, IL 60612
> 312-413-0113
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