Re: pyatspi2

Servus Jeremy,
On So, Dez 05, 2010 at 02:45:41 +0000, Jeremy Whiting wrote:
>    Tonight I had some time to update my at-spi2 setup from git and
>    discovered pyatspi2 requires a python Atspi module now.
>    Where does that come from?

Mike wrote something about that in it's last announcement:

This is a major refactor: at-spi2-core now includes an AT-side C binding
(libatspi), and pyatspi is now implemented on top of libatspi with most
functionality derived using GObject introspection.  This should be much
performant on the AT side.  Note that libatspi is not API-compatible
CSPI.  Also, this is more of a development snapshot than a usable
All of the interfaces have code to implement them, but it is mostly
and not currently usable with Orca for instance.

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