Re: HFOSS Projects: VizAudio, MouseTrap, Dots

Welcome Ted!

It was great meeting you all yesterday. You're smart folks and there's no doubt you're going to get some good work done.

For everyone else on the gnome-accessibility-list --- please welcome the HFOSS folks. Let's do our best to help them enter the GNOME accessibility community and set them up for success.

I'm excited,  :-)


Ted Nichols wrote:
Hi everyone,

Writing in to say that we are ready to work on these proposals! We have eight full weeks left in the program and need to decide what tasks can be accomplished for each project in that time. We'd like to work on as much as possible, but we don't want to promise more than we can deliver. Will Walker came and gave a talk about GNOME a11y yesterday, which was great. We're sending e-mails to the project mentors individually, but we wanted to say hello!

--Ted Nichols, HFOSS Intern


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