Meeting Summary

Yesterday, we held our first time-shifted meeting to accommodate
different timezones.  And as I had hoped, it turned out to be a
successful meeting with great turnout.  We even had a few newcomers to
the meetings and I hope they continue to come to our meetings and
participate in a11y efforts.

As a result of this, we will now designate every last Monday of the
month to be time-shifted meetings at 20:00 UTC.  All other weeks will
remain at our normal time of 02:00 UTC Tuesdays.

We encourage everyone to keep an eye out on the mailing list for weekly
updates to meetings if you have been unable to attend that week.

We covered two primary topics for the meeting:
1) Second project to be submitted to
We had started to lean towards VizAudio as the proposed project to
submit.  But eeejay also brought up a good project called Dots (literal
braille) that has potential as well so we debated about the pros and
cons of which to submit.

I will be starting a thread today on that discussion as we need to make
a decision by the end of the week for Stormy Peters to take to the HFOSS
project next week.

2) We discussed ideas for A11y Hack Day online.  It was agreed this
would be a great way to help bring the community together.  It was
decided this Hack Day would be focused on a11y bug squashing and we will
have it sometime in April.  The intention being to help sort out which
bugs that couldn't be solved will be brought to GTK+ Hackfest in Bolzano
Italy by FlaPer87.

We will continue to discuss the logistics planning of our hack day.  At
this present time it seems we're leaning towards a weekend date so more
people can be present.

Next meeting on Tuesday at 02:00 UTC.  See you all there!
Bryen Yunashko
openSUSE Board Member
openSUSE-GNOME Team Member
GNOME-A11y Team Member

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