Re: Leaky at-spi-registryd update

Hi Nolan:

I wonder if some sort of popup attack might be happening in Firefox and it's causing degradation in at-spi-registryd (just a guess). If you kill all firefox-related processes on your machine when the spike happens, do things end up getting back to normal?

In addition, try running Orca from a console and redirecting the output to a file: orca > orca.out 2>&1

When you notice the problem crop up, give Firefox focus and press Orca+Ctrl+Alt+PageDown. This tells Orca to dump the hierarchy of the current app to the console. The output will be caught in orca.out and might be informative. Note that you might want to check the contents of orca.out for any private information before sending it to someone.


Nolan Darilek wrote:
On 02/16/2009 12:04 PM, Willie Walker wrote:
Hi Nolan:

If one of the suspects is FF, I wonder if we might be able to focus on it a little more. For example, I wonder if it might be possible that it is some of the web sites you typically visit and/or maybe some usage patterns (e.g., frequently opening/closing multiple FF tabs or windows).

That's one of the many things I've thought of. Unfortunately, try though I might, I just can't seem to come up with a correlation.

Last night I noticed at-spi-registryd use start climbing when I was using the totem plugin to listen to a streamed MP3, thought I might have finally figured out the cause, only the memory use kept spiking after I'd closed the tab, and in fact, kept growing even when I did nothing with FF. Just switching between apps could cause its memory use to grow.

It's as if the memory use just hangs around beneath 1%, then as soon as it breaks beyond that, it's entirely uncontained and nothing can stop it. Killing apps can make it shrink, but never back to what it was, and it soon starts growing again. And I can't for the life of me come up with one task that reliably gets it started.

While still respecting your privacy, are you able to share some of the typical pages you visit in a day?

Unfortunately, no. Most of my repeatedly-visited sites are password-protected--LJ, a work-related site, etc. Beyond that it is mostly random. The only site I regularly visit that isn't password-protected is, my feedreader, but I don't notice at-spi-registryd spikes correlating with visiting that.

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