HFOSS interns working on GNOME

GNOME a11y folks,

Did we reach a decision on projects for our HFOSS summer interns? I know we have Mousetrap. They'd like descriptions and mentors to list on the website by early March. 

Note that on the website, internships are for 10 weeks - not as long as I thought.

I will also be seeing Trishan and Ralph in person the first week of March if there's anything in particular you'd like me to discuss with them or ask them about.



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Date: Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 11:26 AM
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Hi Stormy,

I updated our summer program information page with information from our previous correspondences and the GNOME website. http://www.hfoss.org/index.php?page=hfoss-summer-institute


We are planning on at least 2 interns to work on GNOME related project. We would like to put up a more detailed description for later this month, early March, with the following information: Project Title, Mentor names, Short Organization Description, Short Project Description or link to further information. Were you able to get suggestions for projects on your end that you would like us to get involved with; we can discuss the details at the meeting or earlier over a Skype call? I already had interest expressed from a couple students.






Trishan de Lanerolle
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Trinity- Conn College- Wesleyan CPATH Project 
Computer Science, Trinity College, Hartford CT.
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