RE: Ang. Re: Proposal: mouse-only Caribou for GNOME 2.30

Sorry if I’m being dum – I am down with flu at the moment – but I don’t see why a joystick switch inout should not do exactly what the daisy reader wants.  Window will not react to input from a USB fire button unless it’s told to, will ot?






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2009/12/11 Mats Lundälv <mats lundalv vgregion se>

I strongly support you on these points Steve:
Go for USB game as the primary source of switch input - as it's a standard, but clearly separated from the basic keyboard and mouse input - and good interface products - like the JoyCable - are there on the market. Support for the other interface alternatives may come later
And of course the general urge for switch input asap.

As an aside, there are advantages to having an alternative input stream. At the RAatE conference a guy from the RNIB showed how a DAISY reader could be controlled with a USB foot switch, allowing a tutorial on using Windows to be followed with keyboard access and a screen reader. This only worked as the reader responded to the switch input and Windows did not.


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