Re: A11y Holiday Party

Bryan, after you sold it so well it's a real shame to say I can't make
it (again). We're running an OSS Watch workshop on Building an Engaged
Community and I'm leading an activity at that time (it's not my 3rd
strike yet, honest). So wishing everyone a merry Christmas and an a11y
new year.

PS I met Stormy Peters this week and even showed a few photos of a11y
folks at the CSUN 08 Mozilla booth. It's excellent that she is fully
behind the a11y work.


2009/12/4 Bryen M Yunashko <suserocks bryen com>:
> Okay, it won't really feel like a holiday party.  We won't have
> refreshments, no singing of Carols (or Barbaras or Janes either), and
> certainly no lights hanging along the IRC Channel's walls and festooning
> trees and menorahs.
> But we're still going to have an end of the year #a11y meeting on
> Monday, December 7th at our usual time.  Let's use this time to tackle
> any immediate business we need to tend to, reflect on what has happened
> for the past year and think of what we want to see happen for this
> awesome A11y Team in 2010.  This will be the last meeting of the year,
> what with holidays coming up and everyone busy out shopping for holiday
> gifts for me.
> So... See you all in GNOME's #a11y channel at 15:00 UTC  And if you've
> never come to our meetings before, come on down anyway.  We'd love to
> see you there!
> Bryen
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