Loading a11y related modules and atk-bridge module directory


right now, in most gnome applications, and as libgnome is deprecated,
GTK_MODULES is used to load both gail and atk-bridge. In order to get
this, atk-bridge was placed on the gtk moduledir directory, when if
fact, it is implemented without any gtk dependency.

But with Cally, and perhaps any future toolkit (I think that there are
plans to use Qt apps with at-spi, so probably they will use the same
atk-bridge), probably atk-bridge should be placed in a different

In the same way, probably we will have mixed environments, ie,
clutter+gtk, and both Cally and GAIL will need to be loaded, but the
order matter (it is not the same gail:cally:atk-bridge, that

So, probably we will require a common application-level way to load
the a11y related modules. Yes, I know, this is what gnome-program
made, and libgnome is deprecated ...

I'm not sure about the proper solution, so probably apps will need to
load the modules by hand for the moment.

The source of this:


API (apinheiro igalia com)

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