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There might be two things going on here:

1) The GNOME accessibility solution requires you to go through an unfortunate step of first enabling accessibility.

2) The first time you run orca, it will prompt you for your preferences. If accessibility has been enabled, this will default to the Orca preferences GUI. If accessibility has not been enabled, this will default to command line prompts with speech.

So, you might be running into #2 and the situation where accessibility has not been enabled. In this case, Orca is asking you things such as which speech synthesizer you want to use, if you want key echo, etc. If you answer the questions, then Orca will have the information it needs. You then need to logout and log back in for accessibility to be enabled and Orca should function normally.

Feel free also to join the orca list ( where there's a large community of users and developers that can help you.


camminando fastwebnet It wrote:
I have troubles with Orca because when I start it doesn't compare the application windows but it only starts immediately to speak so I can't set the options.
do you have any solution?
Thank you
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