Getting Tech info out to people

We are seeing increased interest by developers to ensure their software
is a11y-compliant.  The problem is oftentimes, they come into our IRC
channel with the question "HI, I'd like to do this with my app, how do I
get started?"  But, understandably, the channel isn't highly active
during non-meeting times.

I do my best to try to ping people on the nicklist and link them up to
this wonderfully ambitious folks, but it is always a hit-and-miss.

As an example, Jason Smith of GNOME-DO fame came in about 1/2 hour after
last night's meeting ready to jump in with his efforts to a11y-itize
GNOME-DO.  He was planning to spend the night working on it, but sadly
we couldn't connect the right people to him.

I'd like to see if maybe one of you could write a good documentation to
put on the wiki, so I can at least point them to relevant information.
(We should put this in the /topic of the channel as well.)

We need to get information to them quickly while the fire is still hot
in their hearts.

Bryen Yunashko

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