Project Announce: AT-SPI D-Bus


A new project has recently been added to that aims to
translate the AT-SPI interface to D-Bus and provide API compatible
replacements for the AT-SPI libraries. The project was started with
GNOME's deprecation of CORBA in mind, but also with the goal of
providing cross-desktop accessibility.

Coding began  about in May of 2008 and a-lot of progress has been made.
There has not yet been a release, and the code is development quality,
but it would be very useful for people involved in the accessibility
community to take a look, test, and tell us where we might be going wrong.

The repository is available at:

Included in this codebase is:

A D-Bus version of the ATK bridge library.
A D-Bus version of the AT-SPI Registry daemon.
A D-Bus version of the pyatspi library.
A D-Bus version of the cspi library (Currently in disrepair)
The D-Bus AT-SPI specifications.

A page detailing the current status of the project and instructions for
testing is located at

The mailing list for the project is
accessibility-atspi lists linux-foundation org 

I hope that these libraries will one day be stable enough to replace the
CORBA versions, as the use of D-Bus has a number of advantages to GNOME
accessibility. I think the most important of these is that we improve
our chances of having QT applications accessible using GNOME tools such
as Orca, Accerciser and GOK, as well as gaining the possibility of these
tools being used in KDE.



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