Re: Gnome Accessibility and OpenMoko

Hi Gilles:

I'm fairly interested in the OpenMoko for a variety of personal reasons and would definitely like to see accessibility support on it. One of the bigger barriers I see to the platform is that there is no keyboard. As such, the touch-screen-only approach can prove to be a significant barrier to people with visual and milder physical impairments. Users who use switches (e.g., GOK users) and possibly even users who use eye/head tracking devices, however, might benefit from an accessible mobile platform.

As an alternative route, we might consider looking at getting GNOME a11y working on the OLPC project. With that, we should get considerable experience with what is needed to get GNOME a11y going on a small device with memory and CPU constraints. That should then hopefully overlap or fall over into work for OpenMoko accessibility.


PS - Thanks so much again for all your work with eSpeak and gnome-speech.

Gilles Casse wrote:

Would you be interested in evaluating the feasibility of integrating the Gnome Accessibility Project in OpenMoko?

We could perhaps join our efforts in a third party project hosted by

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