LSR 0.5.0 released

What's new?

For users

* Bookmarks. You can now bookmark a location in an application and
return to it at any time by pressing a hotkey.

* Language switching. Automatic language switching based on the
current application locale is now supported for IBM TTS users. These
users can also load a Perk to manual cycle among favorite languages.
Support for gnome-speech language switching will be added in the next
release. Speech Dispatcher language support will follow.

* Firefox improvements. We're still working toward usable access in
Firefox,  but we have made progress. The user's location on the page
is remembered when leaving and re-entering the document. There are
settings to bound the review inside the document (thanks Janina) and
to automatically give focus to interactive controls and links on a
page. The arrow keys are registered as convenience review keys so the
user may navigate the page like an  ordinary text box, instead of
using the review keys. Two hotkeys are now  defined which allow the
user to jump to the next heading (CapsLock-H) and the start of the
active document (CapsLock-Home).

* Better Braille and magnifier integration. These interfaces track the
review mode better now, especially when working in conjunction with

* Many, many bug fixes and tweaks.

For developers

* Improved Task monitor. Now shows chained Task execution.
* More chaining information. You can query for the anchor Task in a
chain and the history of all Tasks executing in response to a single


* en_GB(David Lodge)
* sv(Daniel Nylander)

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