Re: openoffice and nvda

On Sun, Mar 18, 2007 at 04:04:45PM -0400, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> nvda is an open source windows screen reader again that like thunder 
> screen reader and window-eyes does not work with openoffice.  This might 
> be an opportunity for openoffice to expand its one trick pony status for 
> screen reader accessibility since nvda is like openoffice also open 
> source.  
IMHO, this is more the NVDA fact than openoffice fact: OpenOffice can be 
interfaced with the Java Access Bridge so NVDA only needs to interface 
with JAB to access lots of Java app. Moreover , NVDA could start from 
the Orca OoO script. But I'm not sure this is the place to talk about 
this since NVDA is not part of the Gnome Suite. 

> Maybe if accessibility does prove possible a user base of screen 
> reader users running personal computers at home they bought with their own 
> dollars could be developed since they wouldn't have paid for jfw.  The 
> next computer I buy will be a Mac Mini for several reasons two of which 
> are jfw pricing model and window-eyes pricing model.
Did you send an email to the NVDA author, and/or subscribed to the OoO 
dev mailing-list: They will better answer to your questions that I 
actually can.
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