ubuntu kickstart questions

A sighted friend is setting up a ubuntu system for me on an amd-64 machine. If possible I'd like to be able to learn the syntax to have orca installed for screen reader use and the accessibility preferences changed so that when the system does its final reboot given a correct login, speech comes up automatically. What needs to go in the %post section to make this happen? The next question is about the location of the kickstart file. Is that burned as a separate file called kickstart onto the ubuntu cd with the iso image and it being in the same directory and on the same level when the burning happens for ubuntu to find it? The CD he has only offers gnopernicus and not orca on it. You can write tidwell58 verizon net directly if you like and he is a pretty accomplished linux and unix user already though a little rusty from not having used the operating systems all that much frequently.

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