Re: web browsing with orca?

Hi, Hank,
	Firefox is *sort of* accessible, though I hear Firefox 3 is 
supposed to be a lot better.  For the moment, I'd say the best option is 
to use links2, which you can get with an apt-get command.  "apt-get 
install links2 should get it for you just fine.  There are still some 
pages links2 won't quite handle, but for those firefox can be used as long 
as you don't mind a bunch of extraneous title info every time you tab, not 
really being able to review the page with the review keys, and some of the 
things you tab to not reading correctly.  But it can be done; my bank 
website doesn't work with links2 and I can get it to work OK with firefox 
though it's not as fast as I'd like.  For most browsing though, I'd say 
links2 is your best bet.


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