cross-post: braille not working with orca 2.17.4


Sorry for the cross-posting, but Ihave been trying to get this to work
for a couple of weeks, and so far no success.

I have fedora core 6 kernel 2.6.18-1.2868fc6 installed, and have the
latest brltty from svn running.

I upgraded to orca 2.17.4, although this problem existed in earlier
versions as well.

I am unable to get my alva satellite display to work with orca.
I have tried having brltty start on boot of the system, then starting
orca, but no braille in gnome.
if I don't start the brltty before login, how do I know when it is ready
for me to login?

I am a very "visual" learner, and work best with a combination of speech
and braille output, so it is very important for me to get this working

Thanks for any tips.

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