GNOME Boston 2007 Accessibility Summit

Hi All:

We had a really good GNOME Accessibility Summit last year where we got
to know each other and had some really good ideas with some good
positive follow through.  As a result, we're going to do the
accessibility summit again this year on October 6th, with spillover to
October 7th if needed.

I'm psyched.

The straw man agenda (still rough) is available on line at  My goal and
challenge for the community is to come away really fired up and ready to
tackle some very specific, high impact, and achievable projects.  We can
do it, and we can be creative about how we get it done.

Between now and the summit, I really encourage us all to hash some ideas
out so we can get to the summit with our sleeves rolled up and ready to

Please let me know your thoughts and if you plan on being there.


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