Re: D-BUS based magnification API

Hi Ian,

Thank you for joining this conversation!

I have a question about your C, below. If the magnifier can only offer, let's say, basic magnification everywhere; but on 5 year old and younger hardware it can also do really nice font smoothing and provide an overlay circle around the mouse and additional highlighting of the caret and...; if that is the case, would you prefer that the magnifier simply not offer those other features because we can't guarantee having them everywhere? Or would you be comfortable with this additional set of features being available when running on more modern systems?


Peter Korn
Accessibility Architect,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.


Being one of Will's referred to end users, I am following this thread with
interest.  In general work I fall into the category of screen reader and

Ignoring the various details on internal communication and window managers,
the following are, for me, the over-riding necessities:

A.  It works - I want to have a continual happy experience with no glitches
etc whilst utilising the various AT components.

B.  Ease of use - any migration to any other "internal" system should not
affect the experience of a user that's grown up and accustom to the various
AT components and the way they work.

C.  Transportability - when a user moves between different PCs  of different
specs and age, the base features should work on any box.

IMO it is this last point that's the lynch pin.  If an end user is confident
that no matter what the spec or age of a PC is, they can always get a
minimum level of support from the AT components, that's great.  Otherwise,
it's going to be a walk away and find something else that does work.

And as for a user GUI, it's so much better to have everything in one place
than have to work with each individual component seperately - by all means
give the component it's own GUI for those hardly ever used settings etc, but
have one place where the common settings can be easily accessed.



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Hi Willie, Carlos, gang,


Are you coming to GNOME Boston 2007?  Magnification is one of the
critical things we want to talk about for the accessibility summit.

Ow... it would be a dream :-), but I don't have passport and don't
have money, so no :-(, but I really like to know what become

Bummer.  This discussion, however, will be of great use for the summit
and we should continue having it.

Perhaps we could arrange to have this conversation at the GNOME summit
at a time when both Carlos and I (and other interested parties) can call
into it?


Peter Korn
Accessibility Architect,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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