Re: orca crashes

Willie Walker wrote:
I'm not sure it is a gnome-speech bug.  I think it might be an eSpeak
build/configuration bug.  I just wrote some notes up at the end of this
page for Gutsy users:

Please try them out and let me know how they work.
Works, but in the stable version of Portaudio 19, Alsa support doesn't work. I tried the last portaudio19-development svn build. Alsa is working fine here, but same crashes as with the ubuntu portaudio package. So, I think it's a bug in either eSpeak or Portaudio, any thaughts?

It would be really nice to have eSpeak working with alsa, because I'm running this on a laptop with a crappy intel/realtek hd-audio soundcard which doesn't support hardware mixing.


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