Re: Notification area in Ubuntu Gutsy

Hi Bram,

在 2007-08-14二的 23:46 +0200,Bram Duvigneau写道:
> Hi all,
> I know that the notification area itself isn't accessible yet as
> noted 
> in bug:
> But, it seems that I couldn't even navigate to the area itself in
> Ubuntu 
> Gutsy, is there a reason for this? 
Do you mean the focus will just jump to the next widget when you want to
focus into the notification area? This is because the "icon" in
notification area (usually is a gtkimage) is not marked as
GTK_CAN_FOCUS. You can see Yi's comments on the bug. The bug is not in
gnome-panel. I'm making the patch for gtktrayicon/gtkstatusicon (draw
focus indicator, handle shortcut keys etc.), and hopefully can catch up
with 2.20. After this, all applications that use
gtktrayicon/gtkstatusicon should work with notification area keynav. 

> Furthermore, does someone know if the 
> upcoming patch mentioned in the bug above could still make it into 
> Ubuntu Gutsy? 
If you mean gnome 2.20, I'm trying.


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