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From: Thorsten Wilms <t_w_ freenet de>
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Subject: [Usability] Input Events to Action Mapping
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 12:00:02 +0200


A proposal to move the mapping of input events to actions form an
application to a system-wide level:


All feedback welcome, including on style, terminology and grammar :)

Important questions are: do you want it? 
How can it be made to happen?

GNOME Terminal's shortcuts, adding shift to the common mappings 
to maintain console mappings like Ctrl-C for termination has been 
mentioned as a problem here a few times.
An advanced implementation of my proposal would include the ability 
the change console shortcuts like Ctrl-C to something else.

Besides possible improvemnts on my design document, next on my 
list is a mapping configuration dialog, where I currently see 
some scary complexity. All input and help welcome.

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