Re: accessible install of ubuntu 7.04

Hi Alex,

I'm not sure that there is anything newer than what you found, but I installed 7.04 yesterday using the 6.06 documentation, and it didn't appear that there were any significant changes that invalidate the 6.06 instructions. There were a couple of quirks (an _ was read before the button names, and I couldn't get the laptop key binding to work, unless they are different from what the wiki says they are), but I got through the install. There were also delays at times when something was being fetched from the cd, so this is something to be aware of.

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On Sun, 1 Apr 2007, Alex Snow wrote:

Hi all,

Could someone point me to any documentation on installing ubuntu 7.04
with orca or whatever method is easiest to install the os? all the
documentation I can seem to find is for 6.06...does 7 work in a similar
way to the processes documented in the older documentation, or is there
anything more current?

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