Re: Gnome-2.16.1 and Orca-1.0.0


Version 2.17.1 is newer than version 1.0.  There isn't a laptop keyboard
layout yet.
aIf you had Orca 2.17.1 running, you might want to remove your .orca
directory and run orca -t again to create the .orca settings for 1.0.

Hope this helps.

On Thu, Oct 26, 2006 at 12:17:35PM -0400, Igor Gueths wrote:
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> Hi all. I recently installed Gnome-2.16.1 using Garnome, because I wanted to test out Orca to see how it compared with Gnopernicus in terms of functionality. So far, I would say Orca is a lot 
> more responsive, and it also seems to read dialogue boxes better. However, I am running into a few problems. When I first got it running, I thought I would run orca with the --setup option. 
> After a little while, I heard "Welcome to Orca. Switching to focus tracking mode." I then tried alt-tabbing to what I thought was the Orca preferences window, and next heard "Orca preferences 
> inaccessible." Does anyone know why it might not be able to read its configuration dialogue, and perhaps how I might get it so that Orca is able to properly read it? Also, before I used 
> Garnome to build the latest Gnome, I had downloaded an Orca source tree that was version 2.17.1. Is this the same version as the 1.0.0 version I am currently using, or is it newer? I am 
> slightly confused with regards to the version numbering changes. Does anyone know if there are laptop key combinations that can be used with Orca, since there is no numeric keypad on this 
> keyboard? I haven't found any thus far. If anyone is able to answer my above questions, or has any ideas about why Orca can't read its preferences dialogue, I would greatly appreciate it. 
> Thanks!
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