Re: Gnome-braille and BrlAPI.

Willie Walker, le Thu 19 Oct 2006 09:48:44 -0400, a écrit :
> In any case, whether I can find history of the discussion or not, I'd
> like to propose this as an option.  Samuel, what do you think about
> providing this kind of support directly in BrlTTY/BrlAPI?

Well, I'm not sure this would really fit into BrlAPI. Having it as a
library that uses BrlAPI seems just enough to me.

> thus simplifying the setup and use of braille.

Which setup?  We will add in BrlAPI a way for client to get / set
parameters like 6/8 dot style, cursor style, ...

> It also puts the functionality into the hands of people who are
> properly resourced to support it.

Not necessarily.  We BrlAPI people don't know much about Korean braille
etc, while Bill does.

Actually, the question is rather: where should the translation take

- In BrlTTY?  That means that the whole text will have to be transmitted
from the application to BrlTTY, and the application won't have control
on how it is browsed.

- In the application?  Then, I don't see why it should be in BrlAPI:
that can be left in an upper layer like gnome-braille.


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