Re: Ubuntu Install

Ian Pascoe, le Wed 18 Oct 2006 00:57:43 +0100, a écrit :
> I have spent the past 6 hours with a very experienced sighted hand trying to
> install Ubuntu onto my PC.  Firstly, the CD, which was burned today,
> Got through the initial set up stages OK to the point where it starts to
> load in the CD and it got as far as 56% and hung.  It was left for about 30
> minutes and had progressed no further.

Burned on the same drive you used for reading it?  CD drives are known
to be quite miserable nowadays...

> Is Ubuntu sensitive to where it is installed?  Does it prefer a virgin
> system to one that is already occupied?

This doesn't matter, just like any Linux distribution.  But depending on
the distribution, the installer may be more or less smart to avoid
erasing existing partitions.


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