Edgy+1 Accessibility planning meeting


Time: Oct, 23rd, 19:00 UTC
Place: #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/Team/MeetingAgenda

We recently had an Accessibility team meeting where we focused on getting the Edgy Eft release tested and polished. We also did a quick round of introductions, which was great! The past week members of the access team worked closely with core Ubuntu developers to iron out the last wrinkles in our accessibility stack, with good results. Edgy Eft is looking to be a highly accessible and usable release!

But we can do more! At the next meeting we'll primarily discuss what new features we should add to Edgy+1 and beyond. I have started on a list of specifications here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/Specs Please help flesh those out with use cases and ideas or add your own. These specs will be discussed in detail at the Mountain View development summit Nov. 5-10.

We should also talk about how we should organise ourselves as a team. Planning and development is one aspect, but there is also testing, documentation writing, and user support in the forum and mailing lists. We already have some good participation in these areas, but we should discuss structuring it better and making it easier for new participants to help. One or two people to take charge of Accessibility documentation, mailing list support and forum support would be great IMO! We'll be joined by two of our Team/Community experts in Ubuntu for this meeting Daniel and Jono, so I look forward to some excellent advice on this :)

We've changed the time of this meeting to make it easier for people in the Americas to participate (which unfortunately makes it a bad time in Australia, sorry).


ps. Sorry for cross-posting, but I expect there may be readers of gnome-accessibility who might want to stop by and give some input on future developments.

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