Re: yelp gok hack?

Bill Haneman wrote:
David Bolter wrote:
Hi All,

Yelp has a function called "timeout_update_gok". This sounds like a temporary stop-gap that might have been forgotten. Ideally should the fix should be in mozilla (if not already)?

Can anyone shed any light on this?
Yes - as the comment above the code indicates, there was a missing event from mozilla when yelp loaded new content into an existing mozembed widget. Basically mozilla wasn't emitting an event that gok could use to detect the fact that the onscreen help contents had changed. Without that event, gok didn't refresh its UI Grab keyboard when viewing help.

I agree that this may have been forgotten - possibly the Firefox 3 work has fixed it, but I think we'd need to examine the event stream from a Firefox-3 gtkmozembed widget (i.e. from yelp) to be sure.

Thanks Bill,

I see and are still alive so this issue hasn't completely dropped of the radar.



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