Accessability Interfaces

Hi all

Some thoughts that have been kind of troubling me over the past.

There have been various postings in the past about compatability , or lack
of it, with various applications.  The most notable being that of Firefox
just recently.  In my ignorance, should the community be aiming to get those
projects that run and maintain development languages to provide the
necessary interfaces in the output so that the wheel doesn't need to be
re-invented each time for the application development projects?

I am aware that this is a GNOME list, but is the basic API used to drive
accessability the same that other projects are using or is it GNOME

Lastly, are the accessability modules like Orca specific to GNOME or will
they work cross GUIs?  I ask only out of curiosity as I'd like to try out a
few of the mainstream, and some of the backwater distros that are out there.


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