Re: OpenOffice and orca.

Hi Luke:

Thanks for the kind words. We're pleased with the very positive feedback we received at CSUN last week, but we also realize we are not done yet. We definitely want to listen to our users and incorporate useful feedback where we can. We also have a mailing list, orca-list gnome org (see < listinfo/orca-list>), for people to engage in constructive discussion regarding Orca.

We've been working with the {Star,Open}Office teams to improve the AT- SPI support. At CSUN, we were showing an internal release of StarOffice that is using a direct UNO<->ATK bridge. Orca is depending upon this new bridge rather than the old UNO<->Java<->Java- Bridge way of doing things. I've heard some discussion to the contrary, but I don't believe this new UNO<->ATK bridge is publicly available yet. Instead, I believe it will be in OpenOffice 2.0.3. According to < OpenOffice_org_2_x.html>, the 2.0.3 release will be available on May 29th 2006. We will be banging on Orca and OpenOffice between now and the code freeze date in hopes that we can get Orca working reasonably well with 2.0.3. This will give people a chance to take it for a test drive - we hope to then use early and detailed feedback to provide a much more compelling user experience for the 2.0.4 release slated for September 4th, 2006.

Hope this helps,


On Mar 27, 2006, at 8:16 PM, Luke Yelavich wrote:

Hi all
I have been playing around with orca, and must say how impressed with
how far it has come, particularly with such things as the terminal.

From watching the orca presentation video, I noticed you guys were using
StarOffice I think it was to demonstrate office functionality. Is the
same amount of accessibility possible with Orca manages to speak the menus, but not toolbar, and no reading text where-ever the
cursor is placed within text.

I am running 2.0.2 on Ubuntu dapper, with the latest Orca
tarball release. Does anything in particular need to be done to
OpenOffice to get the same level of access as was achieved in the

Thanks in advance.
Luke Yelavich
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