FC5 fresh install defaults to runlevel 3?

Hi all,

I just did a fresh install over telnet of the release version of FC5.

After the install completed, I immediately found myself at a text login prompt. My initial reaction was that something had gone amiss; However, upon poking around, I discovered that the system was set to start at runlevel 3. Also, my sound card had already been detected, and when I used startx to launch Gnome, I was never prompted to go through the firstboot process.

I was quite surprised indeed by this behavior because I installed test 3 just a few weeks ago and after installation, it started in runlevel 5 and did in fact require the firstboot process.

What's the deal? If this change was made to enhance accessibility, then I welcome it whole-heartedly as firstboot did used to be rather a pain; however, if something this drastic were in the works, I would have expected to see it implemented in one of the test versions as opposed to suddenly showing up in the release.

Does anyone know what's going on?



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