Re: : FW: Question about Gnopernicus.]

hello Javier

on Sunday, 12th Feb. 2006 at 20:58 wrote Fco. Javier Dorado Martínez:

> Hi to all

> I think that an verbosity option must be available here.
> Now there's no way to determine reading a text character by character what
> letter is capitalized.
> I would be nice to have gnopernicus say "cap b", "cap c", etc reading
> character by character when a letter is capital.
> Also would be helpful to say "cap letter" when you type a letter and text
> echo is set to characters.
> I remember a bug or an RFE was present in bugzilla, I don't know the #
> report.
> Also I don't know if this is a speech-synthesis feature or a screen reader
> one. Personally I think that screen reader must handle this situation.
> In other screen readers there's the possibility to enable/disable this, or
> indicating with different kind of voice or pitch.

> What do you think?

Another idea is using a higher pitch for capital letters, like Jaws
does it for a long time. Using a higher pitch it does not interrupt
the reading like the word Cap does it.

In fact it doesn't matter witch method one used, the important thing
is to have such a feature in a screen reader, especially for users who
don't have a braille display.

Best regards


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