Re: Can't get edgy to boot; also, Orca from powerpc cd?

Hi Henrik:

Regarding knot-2, did you pick up the recent new release of gok? We put in some exception handling to catch the XInput device error (from the wacom driver, apparently) that was making gok DOA in many 6.06 installations.
best regards


Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:

Cheryl Homiak wrote:
I appear to have created nice coasters instead of bootable cds as the iso seems to start up and then reboots my machine; this happens forever until I remove the iso. The md5sums are ok.

Just checking: are you sure you are burning the ISOs correctly? You might want to check this page:

Also, some recent ISOs have been over-sized, but i386 should be ok from the 28th onward. Today or tomorrow we'll likely release 'knot-2', our second alpha, which will at least be tested for bootability ;)

- Henrik
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