Re: Can't get edgy to boot; also, Orca from powerpc cd?

Hi Cheryl.  I've only been using Ubuntu on my PCs, but I do have an
iMac, so I just gave the PowerPC live CD a try.  Here's what I've found:

1. When you boot, you are presented with a prompt asking you for boot
options.  I let it sit there a bit thinking maybe it would time out and
go with the default options.  Perhaps eventually it would have.  I just
pressed Enter.

2. The steps in the how-to were modified to simplify things.  Henrik's
original instructions were to launch Orca by bringing up the Run
Application dialog with Alt F2.  Rich then suggested that it would be
easier to do it from the virtual console.  I concurred.  Henrik modified
the how-to accordingly.  The reason I'm telling you this is because on
my iMac, I get no speech in the virtual console.  I do get speech if I
run Orca from the Run Application dialog.  Oops...  So, try this after
you hear the Ubuntu start-up sound:

1. Press Alt F2 for the Run Application dialog.
2. Type orca
3. Press Tab once to move focus to the Run in terminal checkbox, then
use space bar to check it.
4. Press Enter for the default button Run.

This will cause a terminal window to appear and you'll be prompted with
the Yes/No questions.  From this point on, the how-to works as expected.

Hope this helps!

On Thu, 2006-08-31 at 07:59 -0500, Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> I realize I might have to go to the ubuntu forum on this but thought  
> I'd check for answers here first. I had not trouble booting the  
> Dapper Drake cd though I didn't get gnopernicus to work. Decided to  
> try the daily iso for i386 using the link from the Orca howto for  
> edgy; have tried this tree times in the last couple of days. I appear  
> to have created nice coasters instead of bootable cds as the iso  
> seems to start up and then reboots my machine; this happens forever  
> until I remove the iso. The md5sums are ok. Is there a parameter I  
> need to use to get this to boot?
> Also, will orca work from the powerpc live cd or not?
> Thanks.

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