Re: Update on my problem with starting Ubuntu

Why not try getting to the boot line and typing: linux ks= don't hit the return after you type that either, hit the space bar and then hit f5 hit down arrow 3 times and hit enter key twice and have your computer connected to the internet. Had ubuntu been able to partition and format my hard disk this probably would have worked here and what it should do in about a day's time seriously go away from it for a day and leave the computer alone is to turn the accessibility options on and install ubuntu onto your hard drive. Since the accessibility options were on as grub was updated in the install theoretically those should be preserved and you may next morning boot up a talking ubuntu.

On Sun, 27 Aug 2006, Krister Ekstrom wrote:

Hi people,
As i wrote in an earlier letter, i can't seem to start the Ubuntu 6.06.1
live cd with accessibility options for blindness enabled. It looks as X
doesn't start correctly, because i'm in a terminal window, and when i
try the command to close Gnome, (alt+f4) i get a text terminal, i know
this because i get beeps when i try moving cursors and/or back space.
I'm trying to start the live cd on an IBM Net vista with an intel
graphics chip built-in, (don't know the model of the graphic chip) and
512 Megs of internal RAM. Any suggestions on what to try next?
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