Can't start Ubuntu 6.06.1 live cd with accessibility options

Hi to the list and especially to the ubuntu Dapper Drake gurus out there.
I am trying to start the live cd with the accessibility options for
blindness enabled, but no matter what i do, Ubuntu doesn't come up
talking. Since i'm totally blind i have no clue as to what happens or
what errors if any are prodused. How does a blind person start up the
live cd with blindness accessibility options enabled and what is
supposed to happen? What do the blindness option require in terms of
assistive technology? Is the live cd at all supposed to come up talking
automagically or do i have to do anything in order for things to work as
it's supposed to?
Is there any startup guide for the blind for this anywhere? The start
guide on the Ubuntu web site assumed you had at least a little sight,
which i don't have.
Thanks in advance,

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