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Hi, Carlos,

I was using the gnome-mag and gnopernicus versions available in Ubuntu 6.06 and in SUSE Linux 10.1, so I don't think the problem is related to a specific distribution. I used gnome-mag through gnopernicus. 8x magnification factor; left = 0, right = 767, top = 540, bottom = 1023, i.e. the lower third of a 1024x768 display (color depth = 24). Crosshair: off; mouse tracking: proportional; cursor tracking: auto. I use the nvidia proprietary drivers, so I have 3D acceleration and more than 7000 FPS.

At the time when I noticed this memory leak I was using mainly Firefox. When I open a new page and scroll through it, the memory usage increases, because I think gnome-mag (or maybe gnopernicus?) caches the new images it displays. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diogenes" <cerdiogenes yahoo com br>
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Hi Aurelian,

Are you running gnome-mag throw gnopernicus? What are the configurations
that you have setted to the magnifier?

Could you describe what tasks you was doing (during this half an hour)
when this memory leak happened? I runned the magnifier here and stay
using the magnifier during a long time (about one hour) and I don't
notice any big memory consumption.


Em S� 2006-08-19 �13:16 +0300, Aurelian Radu escreveu:

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Subject: gnome-mag's memory usage
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I removed the attached screenshots to comply with the 40 KB/message

Hello, lists,

After half an hour of using gnome-mag, memory usage for the magnifier
process increased to around 625 MB, as seen in the attached
screenshots. Is this a memory leak or is it a feature? Is this huge
cache really necessary? It is true that the magnifier process releases
some memory when needed by other applications, but the system becomes
really slow.


Aurelian Radu

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