Dates (Re: GNOME Accessibility Team Meeting @ Boston Summit?)


While we can still keep the agenda (please add your ideas to in a rather
dynamic state for the next few weeks, I think we need to nail down the
day that this happens.  Part of the reason for this is so that people
can arrange their travel to accommodate both the Boston Summit and the
Mozilla Accessibility Hackfest proposed by Aaron.

I propose that we do the Accessibility Summit on Sun, Oct 8, and prepare
a short summary and plan of action for the entire Boston Summit to be
given at the wrap up the next day.  Then, we can start the Mozilla
Hackfest on Tue, Oct 10.  

Does this seem workable for everyone?


On Thu, 2006-08-17 at 22:20 +1000, invisible ink wrote:
> <quote who="Willie Walker">
> > I'm happy to volunteer to be chair for this meeting and have support from
> > my management to spend time on it.
> Sweet, thanks Willie - no one else has stepped up, so it looks like you've
> got the gig! This is where my facilitation ends and yours begins. ;-) Let me
> know if I can do anything to help.
> - Jeff

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