Re: [Kde-accessibility] KDE Accessibility - sorry, off topic.

I'm the developer of SOK, which is now being rebranded to onBoard.

I have come across the issues that Bill has mentioned and I think he
is right that XEvie is the only proper solution.

That said it is possible to work around the grabbing issues simply by
grabbing the pointer for a while after every key press.  This is messy
and breaks things like alt-tab and alt-f for the file menu etc.  For a
lot of users this is not a major flaw.

With SOK I have been following a zero configuration policy.  A user
should be able to fire up SOK and use it straight away.

I havn't yet examined XEvie in detail.  If it is not possible to use
it with zero configuration it shall not be used in SOK.

A KDE port of SOK should be possible.   I know cairo can be used with
qt.  I don't know if kde has a drop in replacement for gconf.  I would
be happy to do some work post SoC to make SOK more desktop neutral.

Chris Jones

jabber - skating tortoise gmail com
msn - skating_tortoise dsl pipex com

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